Wedding Day Creative Ideas to Try

A standout big day is the dream of many couples. If you can do this in your own wedding day, then there is a big possibility that all of your guests will go home with smiling faces. If you are thinking of some ways on how to make your big event extra special, here are the 10 amazing ideas for your wedding day that you can follow:

wedding[1] Personalized stationery

There is always great among simple invitations and thank you cards. By using personalized stationery, your guests could always say that you have poured your time, dedication and devotion just to invite them. Thoughts will matter most.

[2] Getting inspiration from trendsetters

One of the best weddings that happened in this decade is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s union. If you are so into their style, then it is the high time to emulate portions of their wedding celebration. You can use their wedding cake an inspiration.

[3] Add something romantic

If you will be getting married in one of those summer evenings, it is the high time to take the reception outside. Arrange a seating in the lawn or you can also make use of some blankets and picnic baskets to make the setting a bit different.

[4] Extra-special speech

Putting an extra twist on the wedding speech will always entice everyone to share. According to most experts, quirky twist is also the most must watch/listen speech.

[5] First dance

Choreographed dances are the traditional types of arranging this part of the wedding. If you want to add more  romantic flair into this part, you can add candlelight; you can opt to dim the light for a more dramatic effect as well.

[6] Informal aesthetics

Informal receptions are the best type of setup to customize, you can always have a go with cocktail tables. Design tables with butcher paper, glitter pens and so on.

[7] Try travel theme

If you have this huge craving for travel, then this is the best time to showcase your wanderlust. Make use of leather luggage tags to serve as your holders of place or escort cards.

[8] Goody bags

While the guests are still on the reception hall partying, ask the staff to visit the rooms of your guests and leave goody bags. You can fill them with chocolates and sweet notes.

[9] Catering

If you have mixed visitors, young and old, and so on, the best way to provide catering service is choosing flexible dishes. The best way to start the party is serving all time favorite cocktail plus homemade goodies.

[10] Photo collectibles

By displaying photos of your friends and family members, you can easily get the crowd’s attention. Make sure you place them in creative frames.

Your options are not just limited to 10 amazing ideas for your wedding day; you can always utilize more than the number that has been suggested. To know more about wedding ideas and inspirations, the internet is always open for research. You can also utilize ideas from popular bridal magazines. If you are new to this, consult your wedding planner for a well guided planning. To prepare to your wedding day you need find reliable and reputable vendors. Top10WeddingVendors.com is here to help you with your search.